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chanyeol is the Best

Our Loey

what is citb?

citb” stands for “Chanyeol is the Best“–an expression a fan of his would probably say when he nails down his performance, or when at times, he does something so eagerly he fails and (adorably) embarrasses himself.

citb celebrates everything that makes Park Chanyeol the best, may it be his talents, his endearing qualities, even his flaws and imperfections.

Because really, it’s not just one quality or two that make someone the /best/, it’s ALL that he is–perfections, and imperfections included.

citb aims to create a space where Yeolmaes and Eris can express and share their love for Chanyeol. We will be accepting writing, fanart, and other contributions . ^^

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"I’d like to make everything that I do enjoyable for everyone. When I’m enjoying myself, I make sure that not only I find joy in the process, but to also strive for a positive outcome at the very end."